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strawberry 'Albion' (PBR)

Buy strawberry 'Albion' (PBR): Late cropping variety with good resistance.

strawberry 'Fenella' (PBR)

Buy strawberry 'Fenella' (PBR): Exceptional disease resistance

Strawberry 'Cambridge Favourite'

Buy Strawberry 'Cambridge Favourite':

Strawberry 'Honeoye'

Buy Strawberry 'Honeoye': Fruiting 4 - 6 days earlier than Elsanta.

Fragaria vesca

Buy Fragaria vesca : A useful groundcover with edible fruits

strawberry 'Cupid' (PBR)

Buy strawberry 'Cupid' (PBR): Exceptionally disease resistance

blackberry 'Black Cascade'

Buy blackberry 'Black Cascade': A unique blackberry perfect for hanging baskets

Pineberry 'White Dream'

£47.94 £23.97
Buy Pineberry 'White Dream': The juicy and sweet fruits are a taste sensation

strawberry 'Mount Everest'

£41.94 £20.97
Buy strawberry 'Mount Everest': Not quite a climbing strawberry, but almost