Bespoke sourcing service

Bespoke sourcing service

Plant Supply for Garden Designers

We didn't intend to become the biggest plant sourcing operation in the UK, it happened by accident. To our surprise, the service that we offered to amateur gardeners was one that was very attractive to the professionals. It seems that no one else can offer such a large range of varieties and very few can deliver them all at once, on a specified date.

So, if you want 30, sixty year old pollarded limes, no problem; 1000 Phyllostachys nigra: we'll get them, 250,000 herbaceous perennials – easy, we'll bring them on to the nursery and deliver them when you want. For large projects we'll even grow plants to order. If there are varieties that you know you'll always use in your schemes but have difficulty getting or can't get at the right size, then we'll grow them specially for you.



Louise Melby

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Ann Hutchinson

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