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Bird houses

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Sparrow flats

Buy Sparrow flats: Encourage sparrows to set up home

Blue tit terracotta bird pot

Buy Blue tit terracotta bird pot: Attractive and practical home for tits and other small birds

Blue tit nesting box

Buy Blue tit nesting box: Look after the homeless with this blue tit nesting box.

New England nest box - yellow

Buy New England nest box - yellow: Nest box for blue tits available in pink, blue, green and yellow

Blue tit box

Buy Blue tit box: Designed for smaller garden birds

Cork bird box

Buy Cork bird box: Full of character and great keeping the birds warm

Barn owl box

Buy Barn owl box: Attract beautiful barn owls to the garden

Swift nesting box

Buy Swift nesting box : Help protect vulnerable swifts

Wren box/copper roof

Buy Wren box/copper roof : Robust and elegant timber bird box

Blue tit box/copper roof

Buy Blue tit box/copper roof : Classically designed bird house

Great tit box/copper roof

Buy Great tit box/copper roof : Also suitable for coat tits and crested tits

Beehive bird house

Buy Beehive bird house : Cosy beehive style nesting box

Shaker bird house

£24.99 £12.99
Buy Shaker bird house : A cosy winter home for small birds

Springwatch bird box kit

Buy Springwatch bird box kit: Easy-assembly wooden birdhouse in a box

Dovecote nest box

Buy Dovecote nest box: Perfect home for blue tits and other small hole nesters

Everyday multi nest box

Buy Everyday multi nest box: Suitable for a variety of species

Dewdrop wildbird nester

Buy Dewdrop wildbird nester: Unique dewdrop-shaped nesting box for small hole nesters

Sparrow colony nest box slate effect roof

Buy Sparrow colony nest box slate effect roof: Encourage feathered families to take up residence in the garden

New England nest box - blue

Buy New England nest box - blue: Nest box for blue tits available in pink, blue, green and yellow

Natural log tit nesting box

Buy Natural log tit nesting box: Perfect for blending into a woodland environment

Giant roost small bird nester


New England nest box - green


Urban bird box


Robin teapot nester