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Wool refill - bird nesting material

Buy Wool refill - bird nesting material: Soft and cosy British wool for nesting birds

Squirrel baffle

Buy Squirrel baffle: Stop squirrels from feeding at your hanging feeder

Universal squirrel baffle

Buy Universal squirrel baffle: Protect your bird feeders from thieving squirrels

Garden pole for squirrel slinky

Buy Garden pole for squirrel slinky: Handy garden pole for bird feeders

Squirrel Slinky

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Buy Squirrel Slinky: Take pole position in the battle against raiding squirrels

Bird alert window stickers

Buy Bird alert window stickers: Prevent birds colliding with windows

Feeder fresh

Buy Feeder fresh : For clean, mould-free bird feeders

High strength window hook

Buy High strength window hook: Easily fit bird feeders to the window

Bird food storage tin

Buy Bird food storage tin: Keep bird food tidy and fresh

Window alert - pack of 4

Buy Window alert - pack of 4: Reduce the risk of birds striking your windows with these UV-reflecting stickers

Twirled hook - black

Buy Twirled hook - black: Sturdy metal shepherd’s crook with twist detail

Plastic bird food storage bin 15kg

Buy Plastic bird food storage bin 15kg: Keep seed, nuts and treats fresh, dry and safe from curious pets

Twisted S hook

£3.49 £2.79
20% off pots
Buy Twisted S hook: Robust steel general purpose hook

Large J hooks

£3.49 £2.79
20% off pots
Buy Large J hooks: Versatile steel hooks suitable for a range of uses

Small screw-in J hook

£2.49 £1.99
20% off pots
Buy Small screw-in J hook: Threaded steel hook with a weather-resistant finish

Large screw-in J hook

£3.49 £2.79
20% off pots
Buy Large screw-in J hook: Robust multi-purpose threaded steel hook

Curved bracket

£5.49 £4.39
20% off pots
Buy Curved bracket: Ornamental steel wall bracket for baskets and bird feeders

Straight bracket

£4.49 £3.59
20% off pots
Buy Straight bracket: Durable steel general purpose hanger

Arched heavy duty bracket

£10.99 £8.79
20% off pots
Buy Arched heavy duty bracket: Robust steel wall bracket for supporting heavier items

Bird feeder cleaning brush

Buy Bird feeder cleaning brush: Durable stainless steel cleaning brush for bird feeders