Colocasia esculenta

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Buy Colocasia esculenta elephant's ears bulb: Grown for its superb foliage

  • Position: full sun or partial shade
  • Soil: moist to boggy, slightly acidic soil
  • Rate of growth: fast-growing
  • Hardiness: frost tender (will need winter protection)
  • Bulb size: 9/11

    Stately, heart-shaped, deep green leaves, which are marbled with subtle purple blotches and beautifully intersected with dark veins, are held grandly splayed out on jet black stems. An elegant and seductively hypnotic plant that will thrive in reliably moist soils.

  • Garden care: Elephant's ears can be planted outside after frost, or started off in pots under glass in late winter to early spring. Plant the bulbs so that their growing tip is just above the soil surface (if there are no noticeable shoots or roots, the end with the concentric rings goes uppermost, while the end with the holes will produce the roots). Water sparingly initially and keep the compost warm. Provide adequate moisture during the growing season and lift the bulbs in autumn before the frosts (or if grown in pots, move them under warm glass) and keep the tubers dry and frost free throughout winter.

  • Harmful if eaten/skin & eye irritant
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Eventual height & spread



Difficult to get going, quite sensitive. But amazing once it does




I would by this product again


It took a while to spark, but that is what the instructions said. When it began growing "wow" it grew brilliantly. I've overwintered it in the greenhouse (heated at night).




I would buy this again


Plant in large tub




Colcassia only outdoors in the HEAT


Colcassia are probably not for the UK. Definitely they should be first planted in a pot and then when fully in leaf put into the ground. In my garden in the south of France they have struggled when planted directly in the ground but having bought a potted plant, it was quite happy throughout the summer although thirsty. I am not digging it up - I have surrounded it in fleece and buried under dry compost. More news next year but I am hopeful


The Cevennes, France; London


3.8 4


Recently I was given a Colocasia corm (?) and I planted it horizontally in a long pot. Before long, it started to sprout leaves from one end. Shortly after, 2 more sprouted from the other end. This looks like getting massive fairly soon (I had them when I lived in Rhodesia and they were huge!) so could I cut the corm in half and plant in two pots - if so, when is the best time of year to do this? We live in the middle of Mallorca where we do get cold winters sometimes with frost but it can be protected from the elements quite easily.


Hello, This can be divided, but you should not tackle this while the plant is actively growing. Therefore, the best time to do this is winter or early spring next year.


When is it the right temperature to put colocasia's out side I live in the Newcastle area the plants will be in large pots and sheltered yard with sun in the morning and late afternoon


Hello, These tend to tolerate temperatures as low as 1C, so they should be OK outside now in most sheltered gardens.


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