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Musa basjoo

12cm pot £12.99
available to order from summer
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Buy Musa basjoo Japanese banana: A fabulous specimen plant

  • Position: mainly sunny, with a little midday shade
  • Soil: rich and fertile or loam based compost in pots
  • Rate of growth: average to fast
  • Flowers: white flowers in bronze/red bracts
  • Hardiness: half hardy - will need protection in winter

    An extraordinary, architectural plant with huge, green, paddle-like leaves that can each grow up to 3m long. It produces creamy yellow flowers in summer, that are often followed by yellowish-green fruit. These are not tasty enough to eat, however the plants look brilliant when incorporated into a jungle-style planting schemes, and can be potted up into large pots and treated as a dynamic feature.

  • Garden care: Though the root is fairly hardy, you should apply a thick layer of mulch to protect the crown in autumn and protect the foliage with a blanket of fleece or straw. In colder areas, or where the soil remains heavy in winter, they are best grown in pots, so they can be over-wintered under glass.

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Eventual height & spread

Didn't survive winter


Unfortunately I have no green house or store and this died over winter due to frost which turned it black. I have not given up growing one and bought another. This time I will increase the outdoor protection. It should also have time to strengthen over summer. I bought the first one in late autumn in the sale from memory and it was not really the right season for planting it in Scotland.

Klinkin' Katie

East Lothian


No, it doesn't seem to have survived the winter


The winter this year has been specially hard, but my patio is well protected and in London, so I am disappointed that my musa basjoo seems dead




I would definitely buy this again from this company


My plant came very well packaged. The pant very was healthy and strong and a very good size.




Healthy specimen


Lovely good size and healthy. Well packaged and timely delivery. Hopefully it will survive the winter, I will be sad if it doesn't.




Fast growing Stunning banana tree!


I purchased this Mason Basjoo banana tree toward the end of summer 2016, within weeks it had doubled in hieght and was looking stunning. Needs protection over winter from frost. Best to cut back the leaves and protect the roots and trunk well. Mine is wrapped in bubble wrap around bamboo canes and is doing fine. Can't wait for spring to arrived so I can uncover it again and let it thrive once more.




Fabulous leaves


Planted with a load of manure and leaf mould, and with regular watering it really thrived. Wrapped in a straw and fleece edifice for winter just before the first frost. However it appears to be growing still, and I suspect I will have to rely on pups next year to get it going again. Still, you live and learn.

Mr Green



Musa Basjoo


Does need to be supported with a stake (at least in its early years). Despite living not far from the south coast I recommend winter protection. In my experience a very easy plant to grow.





4.0 7


Hi there! Thank f I buy the 2litre banana plant, what size pot should I put it in!? Thank you!


It really depends on whether or not you want to pot it up in stages, or just pop it straight into its forever home. If you are doing it gradually, then I would opt for a pot with a diameter of around 40cm to give it room to grow on. Otherwise, go for the largest one you can.


Hi I want to buy a musa basjoo banana plant. I understand that this will grow tall. As it has to be brought in in the winter it will need to go in a pot. Can you tell me what size pot will I need to use to restrict it to a maximum of 2.4 mtrs.


Hello, I cannot be specific about this as ultimately the plant height will be determined by a number of things apart from the pot size, but if you want your banana to get big, then I would recommend using the largest pot you can - say something at least 75cm in diameter.


Conservatory plants Hi, I have a conservatory that is roasting in the summer and very cold, but not freezing in the winter. I would love to have a big plant in there- any ideas gratefully received ? Many thanks Aileen

Aileen Jackson

Hello Aileen, Ideally you should try to put up some blinds, which will keep the temperatures a little lower in summer, but here are a few suggestions, which I hope you will find helpful. Musa basjoo Canna Durban or any of the citrus plants Best regards, Helen Plant Doctor

Crocus Helpdesk


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