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5 year plant guarantee

  1. We grow our fully hardy plants outdoors through the year which makes them very tough. This makes us so confident about them that we offer a 5 year guarantee on most plants that we classify as fully hardy.

    Just look out for our 5 year guarantee stamp on plant descriptions for those that are covered.

    Here's how our returns policy works:

    1. Take a photo of the plant that hasn't survived - this helps us to record any problems with plant quality

    2. Send the photo, along with a description of the problem and your order reference number to

    3. Our plant experts will review the photo to assess the issue

    4. We will then either refund you or replace the plant

    Terms & conditions

    - We won't replace or refund a plant if we think that a plant has died due to lack of watering or proper horticultural care (left out in the sun for 2 weeks before it is planted, for example), or if the plant has been infected by an airborne pest or disease contracted from your garden or your neighbours'

    - Gift vouchers and delivery charges are non-refundable

    - Excludes all house plants, bulbs, vegetables and seeds as well as all plants that are known to be short lived.

    - All plants included in the guarantee are labelled with our 5 year guarantee stamp