Clematis urophylla 'Winter Beauty'

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Buy Clematis urophylla 'Winter Beauty' clematis (group 1): Unusual and beautiful winter colour

  • Position: full sun or partial shade
  • Soil: fertile, well-drained, neutral soil
  • Rate of growth: average to fast-growing
  • Flowering period: December to February
  • Hardiness: borderline hardy (may need winter protection)

    The wax-like, creamy-white sepals, which surround a prominent boss of cream anthers, emerge from pale green buds and become paler, and more flared at their tips as they mature. These small, nodding, urn-shaped flowers contrast well with the rich green foliage.

  • Garden care: No routine pruning is necessary. If the spread of the plant needs to be restricted prune immediately after flowering, cutting back overlong shoots to healthy buds. Apply a slow-release balanced fertiliser and a mulch of well-rotted garden compost around the base of the plant in early spring.

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Yes I would buy again


Excellent quality, very reliable quality of plant!




Highly recommended


Very well grown strong plant delivered rapidly.




I would buy this again


I bought this clematis a year ago to climb up an old tree trunk, it has flourished, really healthy. Just waiting for the flowers to appear now.




Gorgeous - now totally in love on winter clematis!


Gorgeous in a large pot next to my front door - beautiful green foliage and the flowers are stunning.




New early growth looks promising


The initial nursery growth died back upon planting but there is the beginnings of new leaves budding so the plant looks like it is reviving ready for spring.

Auntie Maureen

East London

Nothing wrong with the plant at all.


This plant would have looked lovely draped over an arch this winter had it not been for the birds snapping off the buds!


West Sussex


Stunning clematis


I didn't expect this clematis to perform so well within weeks of delivery - still flowering its hat off




I would definitely buy this product again.


This plant got a bad start as we had the early storms this year just after it was planted. It faltered, but has now completely recovered, despite our extremely dry weather, and is beautiful.

Enthusiastic but clueless.





I thought this plant was superb it flowered profusely in its second year but suffered badly from the beast from the east.




Very good service


Good winter flowering plant




Clematis urophylla'Winter Beauty'

4.7 15


My daughter has bought me a Clematis 'Winter Beauty" which I would like to plant in a pot. Please could you advise me what would be a suitable size pot and what would be the best soil to use.


There are no hard and fast rules re pot size, as you could pot it up in stages, or pop it straight into its forever home. If you opt for the latter, then I would get the biggest pot you can (say at least 60cm in diameter) and fill it with a John Innes No 2. compost.


My Clematis 'Winter Beauty' has lost all its leaf. Can anybody tell me why and how to stop it happening in future.


Hello there It is hard to be sure but this lovely clematis is not fully hardy, so it might have been caught by the cold weather we have had recently, or maybe it has been waterlogged. These climbers need a sheltered spot, away from frost pockets and cold winds with a moist but well drained soil.

When would you recommend planting a winter flowering clematis such as Winter Beauty


Hello there This is a lovely winter flowering clematis but it isn't fully hardy, so it will need a sheltered south or west facing wall where it will have some protection from cold weather. At the moment we are having a really cold snap with the soil frozen solid so I wouldn't plant anything, but once it warms up then you could plant as long as you can give it protection, or wait until the spring.

I have a newish winter beauty growing around a pergola in my south east facing garden albeit slightly overshadowed by a laurel a pieris and other evergreens - it was coming along really nicely until we had a snap frost down to -5 ( I live in north west uk) Cheshire. It has now dropped buds and has black on the leaves. Will it recover? Is there anything I can do? Thanks


Hello there What a shame. Yes sounds like it has been caught by the frost. This plant is only borderline hardy so does need protection in cold weather and to be planted in a sheltered spot, so sounds like it is a bit too exposed where it is planted now. For now I would protect it from any further frosts, then in the spring you could trim it back and hopefully it will reshoot. Then I would look to moving it to a more sheltered spot if possible.

My two Winter Beauty Clematis are dropping their unopened buds. Have you any idea why? Thank you.

Dog friendly

Hello, Bud drop is a sign of stress, so the most likely causes are either a lack of water, or the temperatures have dipped a bit too low.


I'd like to get a winter beauty to go by my house it would be in a corner between a south and west facing wall but because I've got to have work done at some stage I'd like to put it in a large pot which can be moved - would this clematis be okay in a big pot which I could protect with fleece in the winter. thanks.


Hello, Yes plant will be fine in a large pot provided it is kept well fed and watered, however it should go in a sheltered spot as it would be a shame to hide the winter flowers under a layer of fleece.


Will this clematis cope with a south to south east 7' trellis which catches the wind? I am looking for an evergreen to go with berchemia racemosa which I love but it's deciduous and I have some bare patches on the trellis. If winter beauty is not suitable can you recommend an other evergreen? I'm not bothered about when or if it flowers. Many thanks.

secret garden

Hello, Berchemia racemosa is a pretty vigorous plant, so this will swamp most things that are planted close by. The evergreen Clematis tend not to be fully hardy, so are not ideal for exposed positions, but the Hederas should cope - just click on the following link to go straight to them.

do you deliver to ireland. i am looking for winter beauty clematies


Hello, I'm really sorry, but at the moment we cannot delivery to Ireland. Unfortunately we have not been able to find a courier who can offer an overnight delivery service to you - and as plants tend to deteriorate if they are kept in boxes for longer than this. If you would like to check where we can deliver to, please click on the following link.


I'm a relatively novice gardener, but keen to try and get our NEW town/courtyard garden going. Have been looking at Clematis and many of them require "neutral soil". Can you please explain how I achieve this? Do I just need to add a good compost to the existing soil, or does it require a peat based compost? Would appreciate your advice asap as I'm keen to put in my order for plants. Many thanks.


Hello, 'Neutral' refers to the soils pH. It is possible to jiggle this a little, but I would strongly advise you to work with the soil you have and plant things that are suitable for that soil, rather than try to change it. If however you are determined, then you can create short-term changes by adding lime to make it more alkaline, or sulphur to make it more acidic.


I need a evergreen plant to hide a fence. The fence is facing north east, it does gets morning and mid day sun, but the evening will be in shade. I will also plant it with a star jasmine, which is evergreen. D you think this clematis and star jasmine will work will? How long will it take to grow up to 7 feet tall? Thanks Alicia


Hello, If you have a reasonably sheltered garden and the fence is quite large, then I think this would be a wonderful combination as you will have flowers in both summer and winter. It is difficult to say how fast a plant will grow as this is largely determined by external factors such as the available water light and nutrients. As a very general guide though, I would say that the Clematis will reach 7' in around 2-3 years, while the star jasmine will take a little longer.


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