Hydrangea macrophylla 'Doppio Rosa'

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Buy Hydrangea macrophylla 'Doppio Rosa' hydrangea: Long-flowering, easy to grow and really showy

This shrub is deciduous so it will lose all its leaves in autumn, then fresh new foliage appears again each spring.

  • Position: partial shade
  • Soil: moist, well-drained, moderately fertile, humus-rich soil
  • Rate of growth: fast-growing
  • Flowering period: May to October
  • Hardiness: fully hardy

    A new double-flowered lacecap hydrangea, that has the potential to bloom for an impressively long time from late spring to mid-autumn. The flowers themselves are quite large, and their pointed petal tips give the flowers a star-like appearance, which is really pretty. A versatile and easy to grow deciduous shrub, it can be used to create an informal hedge, add colour to the patio if grown in a pot, or add lashings of colour to the border. The plant is sent out in a plastic pot (not the wicker basket seen in the photograph), however we do supply a wonderful range of containers if you would like to pot it up.

  • Garden care: If keeping it in a pot, choose a container with a circumference of around 30cm (as it gets more mature it will need one twice that size, but you can pot it up in stages if you wish). Keep it well watered and feed it with a good general purpose fertiliser throughout the growing season. When pruning (whether it's in a pot or the border) leave the old flower heads in place through the winter, but as the new shoots start to emerge in spring, cut back a third to a quarter of the previous seasons flowering stems to the base and then cut back the remaining flower heads to the first pair of buds.

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