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Bee nesting box with zinc roof

Buy Bee nesting box with zinc roof: Encourage native bees into the garden

Ladybird hotel

Buy Ladybird hotel: Encourage aphid-eating ladybirds to set up home in your garden

Wicker hedgehog house

Buy Wicker hedgehog house: Perfect for hibernating hedgehogs

Sparrow flats

Buy Sparrow flats: Encourage sparrows to set up home

Wool refill - bird nesting material

Buy Wool refill - bird nesting material: Soft and cosy British wool for nesting birds

Solitary beehive habitat

Buy Solitary beehive habitat: Specifically designed to attract non-swarming bees

Hedgehog house

Buy Hedgehog house: Encourage hedgehogs to set up home

Ladybird tower

Buy Ladybird tower: An ideal gift for any nature-loving gardener.

Aged ceramic bird bath

Buy Aged ceramic bird bath: An attractive glazed ceramic victorian style bird bath

Pollinating bee log

Buy Pollinating bee log: Help ensure bumper crops this year

Garden bird peanuts 4kg

Buy Garden bird peanuts 4kg: High energy food suitable for year-round feeding

Apple / suet bird feeder

Buy Apple / suet bird feeder: Spike kitchen scraps onto the stainless steel skewer & watch birds come flocking

Blue tit terracotta bird pot

Buy Blue tit terracotta bird pot: Attractive and practical home for tits and other small birds

Sunflower hearts

Buy Sunflower hearts: The Sunflower Seed with its seed coat or husk removed provides 'total' nutrition

Mesh ground feeder tray

Buy Mesh ground feeder tray: Ideal feeding for ground feeding birds

Squirrel-proof peanut feeder

Buy Squirrel-proof peanut feeder: Keep your nuts safe from squirrels

Complete window feeder for birds

Buy Complete window feeder for birds: Watch feeding birds from the comfort of your armchair

No mess bird seed mix - 12.75kg

Buy No mess bird seed mix - 12.75kg: Our most popular bird seed with no mess from discarded seed husk

Dried mealworms

£22.99 £17.99
Buy Dried mealworms: The best kept secret in wild bird feeding

Squirrel baffle

Buy Squirrel baffle: Stop squirrels from feeding at your hanging feeder