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Insect houses

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Bee nesting box with zinc roof

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(1 review)
Buy Bee nesting box with zinc roof: Encourage native bees into the garden

Ladybird hotel

Buy Ladybird hotel: Encourage aphid-eating ladybirds to set up home in your garden

Solitary beehive habitat

Buy Solitary beehive habitat: Specifically designed to attract non-swarming bees

Ladybird tower

Buy Ladybird tower: An ideal gift for any nature-loving gardener.

Pollinating bee log

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(2 reviews)
Buy Pollinating bee log: Help ensure bumper crops this year

Butterfly feeding station

Buy Butterfly feeding station: Helps attract colourful butterflies to your garden

Bee and bug home

Buy Bee and bug home: A safe haven for all garden wildlife

Bee and insect house

Buy Bee and insect house: Attract bees and bugs with this attractive house

Insect mansion

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(1 review)
Buy Insect mansion: Create a great home for much needed garden insects and bees

Insect log cabins - set of 3

Buy Insect log cabins - set of 3: Attract beneficial insects with this natural log pile

Triangular butterfly house

Buy Triangular butterfly house: Great for those benefical garden insects

Butterfly feeder and biome

Buy Butterfly feeder and biome: Great for feeding and hibernating butterflies

Hexagonal insect boxes

Buy Hexagonal insect boxes: These will keep insects cosy

Bee brick

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(1 review)
Buy Bee brick: Provides a stylish nesting site for solitary bees

Bee & bug biome

Buy Bee & bug biome: Provide a safe home for beneficial bees and bugs

Beverstone bee house

Buy Beverstone bee house: Welcome friendly pollinating bees to the garden

Dewdrop bee & bug hotel

Buy Dewdrop bee & bug hotel: Provide a home for bees and encourage pollination

Urban bee box

Buy Urban bee box: Contemporary bee house ideal for urban gardens

Friendly bug barn

Buy Friendly bug barn: Natural timber insect house suitable for multiple species

Butterfly biome

Buy Butterfly biome : A complete butterfly feeding station and home in one