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Wire hanging basket

Buy Wire hanging basket: Durable easily maintained hanging basket

Felco original secateurs (model no 2)

Buy Felco original secateurs (model no 2): The best secateurs money can buy

Felco economy secateurs (model no 5)

Buy Felco economy secateurs (model no 5): Great value from the famous Felco

Felco professional secateurs (model no 7)

Buy Felco professional secateurs (model no 7): Large secateur with rotating handle requiring up to 30% less effort.

Felco classic secateurs (model no 8)

Buy Felco classic secateurs (model no 8): Swiss quality premium secateurs

Felco classic left handed secateurs (model no 9)

Buy Felco classic left handed secateurs (model no 9): The best left-handed secateur

Weed control - landscape fabric

Buy Weed control - landscape fabric: The flexible way to suppress weeds

Fruit cage net

Buy Fruit cage net: A robust plastic netting with reinforced edges

Garden netting

Buy Garden netting: Strong and versatile protection

Value pack of 100 × 5" plant labels

£5.99 £4.79
20% off potting & propagation
Buy Value pack of 100 × 5" plant labels: Record plant details

Fleece cold protection

Buy Fleece cold protection: Protect your plants and crops from frost with this strong lightweight fleece.

Hozelock sprinkler hose

Buy Hozelock sprinkler hose: For a gentle rain effect or deep soaking!

Hozelock standard soaker hose

Buy Hozelock standard soaker hose: Easily woven through flower or vegetable beds

Harcostar child safe water butt 227 Litre

Buy Harcostar child safe water butt 227 Litre: This water butt Safely collects rain water

Pea and bean / plant support netting

£4.99 £4.49
Buy Pea and bean / plant support netting: Vertical or horizontal support netting

Bubble insulation

Buy Bubble insulation: For frost protection & heat retention

Hozelock maxi plus hose

Buy Hozelock maxi plus hose: High strength, long life, and superb value

Felco compact secateurs - (model no 6)

Buy Felco compact secateurs - (model no 6): A slightly smaller and lighter secateur, ideal for delicate pruning

Classic terracotta pot

Buy Classic terracotta pot: Beautiful traditional terracotta

Scotts evergreen lawn builder 8kg (400 sq m)

Buy Scotts evergreen lawn builder 8kg (400 sq m): Controlled release lawn fertiliser<br>