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Wire hanging basket

Buy Wire hanging basket: Durable easily maintained hanging basket

Classic terracotta pot

Buy Classic terracotta pot: Beautiful traditional terracotta

Large terracotta hanging basket

Buy Large terracotta hanging basket: Chic terracotta hanging cone for bedding displays

Cast iron pot holder (pair of)

Buy Cast iron pot holder (pair of): Great for holding pots full of plants

Thyme for tea terracotta teacup and saucer

Buy Thyme for tea terracotta teacup and saucer: Charming cup and saucer

Cast iron hanging basket

Buy Cast iron hanging basket: We’ve given the hanging basket a classical makeover

Cast iron hanging basket bracket

Buy Cast iron hanging basket bracket: The matching bracket to suspend the 26cm diameter cast iron basket

Cast iron wall manger

Buy Cast iron wall manger: Can be planted up just like a conventional wall manger.

Cast iron pot mover

Buy Cast iron pot mover: Make moving large containers around the patio or other paved areas easier

Terracotta long tom pot

Buy Terracotta long tom pot: Beautiful and frostproof

Pair of self-watering hanging baskets

Buy Pair of self-watering hanging baskets: Keep your hanging baskets looking lovely

Aged ceramic hanging basket

Buy Aged ceramic hanging basket: Designed to look like a weathered antique.

Plastic rhubarb forcer

Buy Plastic rhubarb forcer: This rhubarb forcer is made in a traditional style

Aged ceramic long tom pot

Buy Aged ceramic long tom pot: An attractive glazed long tom pot.

Lucca terracotta pot

Buy Lucca terracotta pot: A wide bowl for mixed planting

Empoli terracotta lily pot

Buy Empoli terracotta lily pot: An elegantly proportioned tall pot

Paper potter

£12.99 £10.39
20% off potting & propagation
Buy Paper potter: Make your own bio-degradable paper pots for sowing and seedlings.

Hanging basket liner

Buy Hanging basket liner: A pre-shaped hanging basket.

Verdigris low metal planter

Buy Verdigris low metal planter: Incredibly versatile as well as handsome

Terracotta oil pot

Buy Terracotta oil pot: Interesting forms with or without plants