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Large bauble tea light holder

Buy Large bauble tea light holder: Adds a tranquil atmosphere wherever they’re used

Highwayman lantern - 39cm tall

Buy Highwayman lantern - 39cm tall: Classically styled with a contemporary twist

Glass hanging lantern

Buy Glass hanging lantern: Magical at night

Blown glass lantern

Buy Blown glass lantern: Create pools of light - even in the wind

Geo lantern

Buy Geo lantern: The mirrored base reflects lots of light

Simple candle holder

Buy Simple candle holder: Dress the table with these

Vintage tea light holders

Buy Vintage tea light holders: Set of 3

Globe tea light holder

Buy Globe tea light holder: Brighten up the garden in style

Tindra candle bags - pack of 6

£6.99 £4.99
Buy Tindra candle bags - pack of 6: Perfect for garden parties or special occasions

Tindra merry christmas candle bags

£18.99 £7.99
Buy Tindra merry christmas candle bags: Illuminating Christmas decorations

Filigree candle holder

Buy Filigree candle holder: Perfect for entertaining

Vintage ribbed tea light holder

Buy Vintage ribbed tea light holder: A delicate vintage design

Mercury glass jar lantern

Buy Mercury glass jar lantern: A shabby chic feel

Candle lantern

Buy Candle lantern: Classic design

Flower stake tea light holder

Buy Flower stake tea light holder : A beautifully designed sculptural metal flower tea light holder on a stake.

Large garden ships lantern

Buy Large garden ships lantern: Create a beautiful atmosphere

Gold candles

£11.99 £10.79
Buy Gold candles: Classic, stylish and great for Christmas

Reindeer tea light holder

Buy Reindeer tea light holder: Unique festive candle holder

Christmas tree tea light holder

Buy Christmas tree tea light holder: Cosy winter woodland scene

LED party lights

Buy LED party lights: Waterproof candles for outdoor entertaining

Bird tea light holder

£6.99 £5.59
20% off Easter gifts

Flower taper candle holder

£7.99 £3.49

Small bauble tea light holder


Plant the box candle gift set

£35.99 £28.79
20% off Easter gifts

Citronella scented tealights

£5.99 £5.39

Tuscan stone multiwick candle


Scented candle tin

£9.99 £8.99

Scented candle 8 x 10cm


Reindeer tealight holder

£9.99 £7.99

Metal owl tealight


Fragrance aroma


Flicker candle


Glittered snowdrop candle ring

£3.79 £2.99

Red glittered wax tealight

£4.99 £2.99

Bee calm votive candle gift set

£26.99 £24.29

Bee happy votive candle gift set

£26.99 £24.29

Kitchen jar candle

£19.99 £17.99

Candle jewellery - wings


Stag candle snuffer

£17.99 £16.99

Harlequin candle pot