House plants

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Anthurium Red Champion ('Anthbnena') (PBR)

Buy Anthurium Red Champion ('Anthbnena') (PBR): Exotic-looking flowers

Echeveria 'Perle von Nürnberg'

Buy Echeveria 'Perle von Nürnberg': Stunning succulent that is simple to look after

Aeschynanthus 'Twister' (PBR)

Buy Aeschynanthus 'Twister' (PBR): Unique trailing houseplant with twisted foliage and scarlet flowers

Guzmania 'Hope'

Buy Guzmania 'Hope': Long lasting exotic scarlet flower-head.

Cambria 'Lazio'

Buy Cambria 'Lazio': One of the easiest orchids to look after

Anthurium Red Champion & pot cover combination

Buy Anthurium Red Champion & pot cover combination: The exotic looking flowers last for ages

× Oncidopsis Nelly Isler & pot cover combination

Buy × Oncidopsis Nelly Isler & pot cover combination: slightly sweetly fragranced

Schlumbergera 'Red'

Buy Schlumbergera 'Red': The Christmas flowering cactus

× Oncidopsis 'Nelly Isler'

Buy × Oncidopsis 'Nelly Isler': slightly sweetly fragranced

Oncidium 'Katarina Zoch'

Buy Oncidium 'Katarina Zoch': An unusual orchid with scented blooms

Easter catus & pot combination

Buy Easter catus & pot combination: The Easter flowering cactus

Hatiora gaertneri 'Red'

Buy Hatiora gaertneri 'Red': The Easter flowering cactus