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grape Black Hamburg ('Schiava Grossa')

Buy grape Black Hamburg ('Schiava Grossa'): Delicious dark purple grapes

grape 'Phönix'

Buy grape 'Phönix': A white wine dessert grape

Humulus lupulus 'Magnum'

Buy Humulus lupulus 'Magnum': Widely grown for beer making

Juglans regia

Buy Juglans regia : Invaluable tree which produces good quality nuts

walnut 'Broadview'

Buy walnut 'Broadview': A relatively compact variety which fruits at a young age

kiwi fruit 'Jenny'

Buy kiwi fruit 'Jenny': Self-fertile variety with delicious fruit

grape 'Regent' (PBR)

Buy grape 'Regent' (PBR): Edible, sweet dark grapes

Morus 'Giant Fruit'

Buy Morus 'Giant Fruit': Around 2-3 times larger fruit than a normal mulberry.

Juglans nigra

Buy Juglans nigra : Grown for its edible fruit

grape 'Pinot Blanc'

Buy grape 'Pinot Blanc': Make your own white wine

grape 'Fragola'

Buy grape 'Fragola': Red grapes that taste like strawberries