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blueberry 'Bluecrop'

Buy blueberry 'Bluecrop': A tasty mid season variety

pear 'Concorde'

Buy pear 'Concorde': Wonderful juicy flesh

blueberry 'Ozarkblue'

Buy blueberry 'Ozarkblue': Extend the blueberry season with this late developer

blueberry 'Spartan'

Buy blueberry 'Spartan': sweet and tangy

Fragaria vesca

Buy Fragaria vesca : A useful groundcover with edible fruits

pear 'Obelisk'

Buy pear 'Obelisk': A space-saving pear tree

strawberries, flower pot and saucer gift set

Buy strawberries, flower pot and saucer gift set: A gift to make your mouth water

walnut 'Broadview'

Buy walnut 'Broadview': A relatively compact variety which fruits at a young age

framberry 'Red Dream'

£47.94 £23.97
Buy framberry 'Red Dream': A new taste sensation!

blueberry 'Bluegold'

Buy blueberry 'Bluegold': Lashings of firm, flavoursome berries