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raspberry 'Autumn Bliss'

Buy raspberry 'Autumn Bliss': Autumn fruiting raspberry

raspberry 'Glen Ample' (PBR)

Buy raspberry 'Glen Ample' (PBR): Sweet, firm berries

raspberry 'Polka' (PBR)

Buy raspberry 'Polka' (PBR): Bumper crops on spine-free plants

raspberry 'Tulameen'

Buy raspberry 'Tulameen': Bumper crops of super-sized berries

blueberry 'Spartan'

Buy blueberry 'Spartan': sweet and tangy

blueberry 'Chandler'

Buy blueberry 'Chandler': Jumbo sized fruits

raspberry 'Tadmor' (PBR)

Buy raspberry 'Tadmor' (PBR): One of the last to produce a crop

strawberry 'Sweetheart'

Buy strawberry 'Sweetheart': A good performer - it's new too

raspberry Ruby Beauty ('NR7') (PBR)

Buy raspberry Ruby Beauty ('NR7') (PBR): The world's first compact raspberry.

raspberry 'Leo' (PBR)

Buy raspberry 'Leo' (PBR): Firm, aromatic fruits of excellent flavour.

raspberry 'Sugana' (PBR)

Buy raspberry 'Sugana' (PBR): A great all year round raspberry variety.

Rubus Groovy ('Jdeboer005') (PBR)

Buy Rubus Groovy ('Jdeboer005') (PBR):

blueberry collection

£38.97 £25.98
Buy blueberry collection: Enjoy delicious fruits for an extended period

blueberry 'Pink Lemonade'

£26.97 £17.98
Buy blueberry 'Pink Lemonade': Buy 1 for £9.99 or buy 2 for £19.98 + get 1 free

strawberry 'Mount Everest'

£41.94 £20.97
Buy strawberry 'Mount Everest': Not quite a climbing strawberry, but almost

raspberry 'Yummy' (PBR)

Buy raspberry 'Yummy' (PBR): Absolutely perfect for pots and containers.