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Fruit Trees and Bushes

It’s a great feeling to grow your own, and even the smallest garden has room to squeeze in a plant that produces tasty fruit. Strawberries and blueberries are easy to grow in pots, but if there is space, apple, cherries or pear trees will make you very popular with the neighbours.

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walnut 'Broadview'

Buy walnut 'Broadview': A relatively compact variety which fruits at a young age

blackberry 'Black Cascade'

Buy blackberry 'Black Cascade': A unique blackberry perfect for hanging baskets

plum 'Victoria'

Buy plum 'Victoria': Popular reliable and tasty

kiwi fruit 'Jenny'

Buy kiwi fruit 'Jenny': Self-fertile variety with delicious fruit

Extend the season raspberry collection

£38.97 £23.97
Buy Extend the season raspberry collection: The delicious fruits will be ready to pick from midsummer to early autumn

redcurrant 'Laxton's number one'

£14.97 £9.98
Buy redcurrant 'Laxton's number one': Huge bunches of brilliant red berries

whitecurrant 'Versailles Blanche'

£14.97 £9.98
Buy whitecurrant 'Versailles Blanche': The most popular variety

Pineberry 'White Dream'

£47.94 £23.97
Buy Pineberry 'White Dream': The juicy and sweet fruits are a taste sensation

blackberry collection

£13.98 £9.98
Buy blackberry collection: Lashings of fruit over a long period

framberry 'Red Dream'

£47.94 £23.97
Buy framberry 'Red Dream': A new taste sensation!

blueberry collection

£38.97 £25.98
Buy blueberry collection: Enjoy delicious fruits for an extended period

currant collection

£11.97 £11.49
Buy currant collection: Summer fruits for your garden or allotment

blueberry 'Pink Lemonade'

£26.97 £17.98
Buy blueberry 'Pink Lemonade': Buy 1 for £9.99 or buy 2 for £19.98 + get 1 free

pineberry and framberry

£47.94 £39.99
Buy pineberry and framberry: Delicious and succulent summer berries


£47.97 £23.97
Buy bubbleberry : tastes like bubblegum!

lemon 'Garey's Eureka' ( Four Seasons)

Buy lemon 'Garey's Eureka' ( Four Seasons): Large lemons are produced

strawberry 'Mount Everest'

£41.94 £20.97
Buy strawberry 'Mount Everest': Not quite a climbing strawberry, but almost

cherry 'Stella'

Buy cherry 'Stella': Vigorous tree with white flowers and abundant, edible cherries.

Morus nigra

Buy Morus nigra : Heart-shaped leaves and edible fruit

blueberry 'Bluegold'

Buy blueberry 'Bluegold': Lashings of firm, flavoursome berries

cherry 'Stella'


grape 'Regent' (PBR)


raspberry 'Yummy' (PBR)


blueberry Yelloberry Blue ('ANDVAL1601') (PBR)


Morus 'Giant Fruit'


pear 'Conference'


greengage 'Cambridge Gage'


plum 'Czar'


plum 'Victoria'


Juglans nigra


blackcurrant 'Big Ben' (PBR)


damson 'Prune Damson'


grape 'Pinot Blanc'


apple 'Cox's Orange Pippin'


apple 'Cox's Orange Pippin'


pear 'Conference'


plum 'Victoria'


quince 'Meech's Prolific'


apple 'Scrumptious'


apple 'Bramley 20' / 'Christmas Pippin' / 'Scrumptious'


grape 'Fragola'


Olea europaea

£34.99 £27.99